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Dados de Contacto

CFAE Vila Real
Escola Secundária Camilo Castelo Branco,
Largo dos Freitas
5000-528 Vila Real
Telefone: 259 321 928
Fax: 259 321 835

RapidWeaver Contact Form

It’s simple but effective. This php contact form will serve most peoples need to allow their readers, clients or customers to get a hold of them, with a few criteria. Have them select from drop down menus, enter values in fields, messages in text areas, upload attachements...

The built in form also allows for some text customization before and after the form itself, as well as custom thank you messages (great for adding some redirect scripts).

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Column Snippets

Looking for more places to put things has been one thing on many RapidWeaver users wish list, and so too has columns... lots and lots of columns.

Columns made easy

That's why we made our column snippets. We started with 2 columns, then 3, then 4... But there was no escaping the code one would need to work with.

The variable solution

So we made some javascript that cleaned up the process. You only need expose yourself to 5 lines of code to get up to 5 beautifully formatted columns.